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Lone Tree Missions

Thank you for your interest in planning a Missions Trip this summer!

We believe that taking your group on a Missions trip will impact and challenge them in a powerful way. We also understand the difficulty of setting up mission trips and have worked hard to cover all the details and make your mission trip experience safe, productive and rewarding.

We have designed a mission trip that includes:

  • Preparation, training and team building for your entire group using our high ropes course and trained staff.
  • An opportunity for your group to do home repairs for a needy Navajo family. With 20 people, this can be done in 3 working days.
  • An opportunity to do outreach on the reservation, host a community cook-out or sports outreach and minister to the family and neighbors you might have met.
  • The option for your group to host vacation Bible school
  • A chance to worship in a local Navajo church.
  • A chance to eat some Navajo Fry bread, and a meal prepared by the Navajo ladies.
  • An opportunity to spend the last two days at our Lakeshore camp where your group can relax, play on water toys and have a chance to debrief the trip. This is a great setting to talk about what they learned and what applications can be made at home.
  • Our desire is for your group to grow closer together, to be challenged spiritually, and to return home with a new view of the world and how God wants to use them to impact it.

Our goal is to take the mystery out of Mission Trips and Lone Tree has purposed to do just that.

Lone Tree to provide:

The staff, guides, building supervisors, (transportation for fly-in groups), tools, mobile kitchen, cooking equipment, rustic lodging, project, plans and building materials delivered on site.


  • Each group provides their own meals (12 total) while on the Reservation (one of those meals will be eaten out).
  • Lone Tree will provide the meals while you are at the ropes course and Lake Camp (a total of 9 meals).

Where and What:

  • The Alamo Navajo Reservation is located one hour west of Socorro, NM.
  • With your group, we will be doing home repairs for a local Navajo family (working through a local church on the reservation). Although the reservation is in the US, there is much poverty and great needs.
  • This program is designed to work with you, the youth leader, not replace you with another program. As the youth leader, you have the option of providing your own daily devotionals, worship and nightly talks or you can talk with us beforehand to request our help in those areas.
  • Your team leader is there to guide your group around the reservation and at the job site and will help out with anything else you may need.

* * * * * *

A Sample Trip Schedule and Costs have been included for you to review. If you have any

additional questions please don't hesitate to call us at Lone Tree at (575) 354-3322.

When you are ready to Confirm Your Trip, please follow these steps:

  • Contact Charlene Worrell (575 354-3322) and confirm a date.
  • We will then send you a contract, registration form, and manual.
  • Read the manual, complete the contract and registration form and return it to us with your deposit.
  • Confirm final group size and send in camper deposits by Feb. 15th.
  • Make final payments and turn in student and adult registration forms with Dr.'s signatures according to the dates on your contract.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and would be excited to have your group be a part

of a Navajo Mission trip experience.

In His Service,

Charlene Worrell

Lone Tree Director

(575) 354-3322 office

* * * * * *


We are excited to have you and your group come and experience a Mission trip to the Alamo

Navajo Reservation. Below is a sample schedule. Also included is the ropes course at the Ranch or Fort

and debriefing at the Lake Camp.

Groups start on Tuesday

«Day One» Tuesday Arrive at Ranch or Fort by 3pm

«Day Two» Wednesday High Ropes/Team Building ~ leave 4pm

«Day Three» Thursday Work Day

«Day Four» Friday Work Day

«Day Five» Saturday Work Day

«Day Six» Sunday Worship/ Out reach/ Leave for Lake Camp~2pm

«Day Seven» Monday Lone Tree Lakeshore Camp

«Day Eight» Tuesday Leave for Home/Airport~9am

Three Phase Mission Project Includes:

Phase I: Training At Lone Tree Ranch or Fort Lone Tree:

Arrive by 3:00 pm the first day, Tuesday (fly-in groups should plan to arrive at Albuquerque airport by noon-1pm if possible.) for - Ropes Course, team building, goalsetting. Leave Ranch for the reservation at 4pm Wednesday. Includes 3 meals, one nights lodging and supervised High Ropes Course Program.

Phase 2: Navajo Mission Project:

This includes rustic lodging in a church, cooking equipment, tools, driver and guide, purified water, plus all materials on site. We will be working on repairing a needy Navajo family's home. Stucco, painting, sheetrock and roofing are some of the tasks involved. Out reach opportunities will be available at the Navajo church and in the community.

Phase 3: Debrief and Reward at Lone Tree Lakeshore Camp

Includes 5 meals, 2 nights lodging, debriefing led by your guide and or youth pastor, and activities: waterskiing, wakeboarding, tubing, kayaks, volleyball, water trampoline, and natural hot spring baths. A sack lunch is available on the last day for $5 per person if requested'


AT THE RANCH or FORT Lone Tree will provide:

Experienced staff trained in high and low ropes activities and team-building

Cabins with bunks and mattresses

Three meals- 1st night dinner, 2nd day breakfast and lunch

If you fly in, Lone Tree can provide ALL necessary transportation for an additional fee ($75).

If you drive in, you are responsible for your own transportation to the Ranch or Fort, from the Ranch or Fort to the reservation, from reservation to the Lake, and from the Lake back home.

ON THE RESERVATION Lone Tree will provide:

Trained guide, supervisor, teacher ( CPR/First Aid certified)

Hand tools for the project (group only provides gloves, tape measures, pencils)

All building materials to complete the house project/repairs

Mobile Kitchen with large cook stoves, ice chests, pots, pans, utensils.

Simple rustic sleeping arrangements in a church or tents with mattresses, lights, outdoor bathrooms and showers.

Lone Tree will do the following:

Lead group to project each day and oversee building/repair process

Provide fresh water as needed

Be with group during project and have transportation available for emergency, shopping or other needs.

Group is responsible to:

Provide their own health/medical insurance

Provide transportation to Ranch or Fort, to Reservation, and then to the Lakeshore camp (except if flying in) and then home.

Develop a menu and a cooking team (we have a cook book available upon request).

Purchase food items (The menu you developed will determine your actual food costs).

You are responsible for 12 meals total. Most groups buy groceries for 11 meals, eat Wednesday supper at Pizza Hut on the way to the reservation.

Prepare meals for your group and include Lone Tree staff (3-5 extra people). Please keep in mind all of our staff are support based.

Provide devotions and spiritual program for group during the trip (we would be glad to assist if asked in advance)

AT LAKESHORE CAMP Lone Tree provides:

Lifeguard/CPR trained staff.

Air-conditioned cabins with bunk beds with mattresses.

Debriefing session (campfire by the lake weather permitting) led by team leader

Water activities: water-skiing, tubing, wakeboarding, water trampoline, swimming, etc., hot tubs (all included in price).

Five meals: 1st night dinner, 3 meals next day, 3rd day breakfast (and sack lunch if requested $5 additional charge per person).

Groups are responsible for:

For groups that did not fly in: Transportation from Reservation to Lake, from Lake Camp to hot tub and Sonic (about 20 minutes), and from Lake back home.

Group is responsible for paying for dessert at Sonic, if desired.

* * * * * * *


DUE TO LONE TREE: Based on group size of at least 15-30 people

Damage Deposit of $500 per group (returnable 2 weeks after departure minus boat gas used at Lakeshore Camp, and loss or damage to Lone Tree property) -- due with contract.

Cost per camper due to Lone Tree: $509.00 per person--due in increments.

Airport pickup (if desired):

(Summer) Airport pickup from Alb. to Ranch, to Reservation, to Lakeshore and back to airport---ADD $75.00/person.

Arrival time to the airport should be before 1:00pm/departure time after 1:00pm.



Your estimated cost of food you prepare on reservation: $30-40/person.

This is an area where many churches save money and do it for much less. They develop a menu and a grocery list and have church members bring non-perishable items on that list to the church, thus saving the cost of purchasing every needed item. (It also gets the whole church involved in preparing for the mission trip).

Groceries for 11 meals. Group menu will vary in price.

Wednesday supper at Pizza Hut (in route to the reservation) ($5-7).

Ice for coolers and drinks at $1.75/bag, 6-8bags/day.


Airline tickets or van/bus rental and fuel.

Please understand that if you book a space for under 15 people, there is a possibility that another group may also come during that time period and share the facilities with you. However, you will not build or do programming with them and will have your own team meetings and outreaches.

We look forward to having the opportunity to serve you, and to help you to serve!

In His Service,

Charlene Worrell

Director of Lone Tree

(575) 354-3322 (office)

Lone Tree Missions

Lone Tree Main Office (575) 354-3322

PO Box 713 / Capitan, NM 88316

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