Phase 1



Phase 1: PREPARE    (2 days)

A. TEAM BUILDING: From our 40 foot swing "The Screamer" and the climbs on our 50 foot Alpine Tower, to the clever low ropes elements, your group members will be challenged to grow individually and to work together as a team, acting as one body with many parts.  During these activities, students are encouraged to lead, group members not yet closely knit to the group are brought tightly in, and each student learns that he/she is valuable and essential to achieving the goals.


B. GOAL SETTING: Your group will be taught how to set goals which they will strive to acheive at the ropes course. 

C. FULL VALUE CONTRACT:We help group members understand their importance and inherent value as children and servants of God.  We challenge everyone to treat others, and themselves, in this way. 



What is provided?

Your group will stay in cabins at our scenic ranch camp in the Capitan Mountains of New Mexico.  We provide 6 meals, bunk beds and hot showers.  In addition to the above activities led by experienced ropes course facilitators, there is time both evenings for your group to have a time of worship, prayer, and a devotional in order to spiritually prepare everyone for the trip.



Do we really need this time?  Why don't we just go straight to the Indian Reservation?

In Joshua 1-3, the Israelites were ready to cross into the Promised Land, but God instructed them to wait 3 days.  WHY?

1.To get organized--   “Get your supplies ready” (1:11)

2. Remember teamwork-- “You are to help your brothers until the Lord gives them rest” (1:14-15)

3. Make a game plan—“Joshua secretly sent 2 spies” (2:1)  The Israelites learned about the people and land before going so they could set goals and plan how to reach those goals.

4. Consecrate yourselves—“Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” (3:5) The Israelites offered themselves to God as holy servants ready to do whatever was asked of them.

5. Focus on God and Follow Him—“When you see the ark of the covenant of the Lord our God…follow it” (3:3).  The Israelites didn’t know the people or the land, but all they had to do was trust the Lord’s guidance and follow Him. 

This is a great model to follow before entering into anything that God has called you to.  Otherwise you may miss the fullness of what God has for you.




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