Phase 2



Phase 2: PROJECT   (5 days)
A. Project on the Alamo Navajo Indian Reservation: Although the reservation is located in the US, there is poverty and great spiritual needs. Our heart is to serve the Navajo people in tangible ways that will open the door for the gospel to be spread. Working with the local church, we are able to provide your group with an opportunity to repair a house for a needy Navajo family.  Your group will help put on a new roof, repair broken drafty windows and put on a new coat of stucco.  Everyone is able to participate, and no previous experience is necessary.  Rustic conditions help everyone learn to appreciate what we have back at home.  Each group provides and prepares all their meals while on the Reservation.  Kids learn the joy of serving one another.

B. Attend a Local Church:  Sunday morning your group can attend the worship portion of a local church service, where you can sing, share testimonies or even a skit. The Navajo people love to sing and praise the Lord. Many have incredible testimonies of being delivered from the dark things that oppress many who live on the reservation.                

C. Local Ministry: After work your group can choose from a number of possible ministries.  You could return to where you built the house and play volley ball with the kids, present dramas or songs, share the gospel, and even have a cookout if you want. Other options include visiting a local Navajo Believer, in their home where you can sing, share testimonies, or just join them in prayer.  The groups will also have the chance to bless a whole community by having a cookout with games, crafts, and a gospel message. Local Navajo Christians are thrilled and encouraged when we come and minister.  




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