Phase 3


Phase 3: DEBRIEF   (2 days)

A. Rest: After the project and before the group heads home, there's a chance to grab a little rest in a wonderfully refreshing place on the largest lake of New Mexico.

B. Reward: For the past 7 days, the entire group has worked very hard and learned much.  Now is the opportunity to kick back and have a little fun.  You'll stay in our air conditioned dorms.  Enjoy water skiing, tubing, our water trampoline, swimming and a host of other great activities.

C. Debrief the Trip: So much has been learned, yet there are still many questions.  A lot still has to be sorted out before we head home and get involved in our nornal busy schedule.  How did we do on the goals we set?  What new goals should we set before we go home?  At the Lakeshore camp, the sessions are planned to debrief the trip and prepare for returning home. 


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